Kerala Goverment Gazette Archive at State Central Library

A pioneering effort in archiving and indexing government gazattes, the collection starts with Travancore gazattes from 1903 onwards. More than 20 lakhs of pages, with that much  government notifications and orders in English, Malaylam and Tamil are now archived and individually indexed. 'Nitya' is specially programmed and configured to filter retrieved items with time/period, place, individuals, departments, order numbers and subject keywords. An elaborate multilingual thesaurus is built in to handle variations in place/personal names and linguistic phrases. This digital endeavor is an inspiring example  of how people's need for a valuable piece of information connected to their personal and social life  can be accomplished in minutes, which in manual search may extend to days and weeks. Successful creation and web launching of digital library of gazettes contributes significantly in the methodology of making information systems in Malayalam. It is a model and forerunner of all future information systems in Malayalam.

Sigle most Gazette Archive in Indian States